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            1.Respect for life is a cardinal principle of the law.

            A. fundamental

            B. moral

            C. regular

            D. hard

            2.The proposal was endorsed by the majority of members.

            A. rejected

            B. approved

            C. submitted

            D. considered

            3.Many experts remain skeptical about his claims.

            A. untouched

            B. certain

            C. silent

            D. doubtful

            4.This species has nearly died out because its habitat is being destroyed.

            A. turned dead

            B. passed by

            C. carried away

            D. become extinct

            5.The methods of communication used during the war were primitive.

            A. reliable

            B. effective

            C. simple

            D. alternative

            6.Three world-class tennis players came to contend for this title.

            A. argue

            B. claim

            C. wish

            D. compete.

            7.Come out, or I'll burst the door down.

            A. shut

            B. beat

            C. set

            D. break

            8.The rules are too rigid to allow for human error.

            A. general

            B. complex

            C. inflexible

            D. direct

            9.The tower remains intact ever after two hundred years.

            A. unknown

            B. undamaged

            C. unusual

            D. unstable

            10. They didn't seem to appreciate the magnitude of the problem.

            A. existence

            B. cause

            C. importance

            D. situation

            11. The contract between the two companies will expire soon.

            A. shorten

            B. start

            C. end

            D. resume

            12. The drinking water has become contaminated with leaD.

            A. polluted

            B. treated

            C. tested

            D. corrupted

            13. She shed a few tears at her daughter's wedding.

            A. produced

            B. wiped

            C. injected

            D. removed

            14. Rumors began to circulate about his financial problems.

            A. send

            B. hear

            C. confirm

            D. spread

            15. The police will need to keep a wary eye on this area of town.

            A. cautious

            B. naked

            C. blind

            D. private





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