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            1.This was disaster on a cosmic scale.

            A. modest

            B. commercial

            C. huge

            D. national

            2.New secretaries came and went with monotonous regularity.

            A. amazing

            B. depressing

            C. predictable

            D. dull

            3.A person's wealth is often in inverse proportion to their happiness.

            A. equal

            B. certain

            C. large

            D. opposite

            4.His professional career spanned 16 years.

            A. started

            B. changed

            C. lasted

            D. moved

            5.The symptoms of the disease manifested themselves ten days later.

            A. eased

            B. improved

            C. relieved

            D. appeared

            6.The group does not advocate the use of violence.

            A. limit

            B. support

            C. regulate

            D. oppose

            7.She felt that she had done her good deed for the day.

            A. act

            B. homework

            C. justice

            D. model

            8.Some of the larger birds can remain stationary in the air for several minutes.

            A. motionless

            B. silent

            C. seated

            D. true

            9.There was an inclination to treat geography as a less important subject.

            A. point

            B. result

            C. finding

            D. tendency

            10. His stomach felt hollow with fear.

            A. sincere

            B. respectful

            C. empty

            D. terrible

            11. The committee was asked to render a report on the housing situation.

            A. copy

            B. publish

            C. summarize

            D. fumish

            12. That uniform makes the guards look absurd.

            A. serious

            B. beautiful

            C. impressive

            D. ridiculous

            13. The department deferred the decision for six months.

            A. put off

            B. arrived at

            C. abided by

            D. protested against

            14. The original experiment cannot be exactly duplicated.

            A. invented

            B. reproduced

            C. designed

            D. reported

            15. The country was tom apart by strife.

            A. conflict

            B. poverty

            C. war

            D. economy





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